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Limbo anyone? Whether it was at a summer camp, birthday party, or on the beach during an exotic vacation, chances are we all have played limbo at some point. The common refrain during a rousing
rendition of limbo is, “How low can you go?” Hopefully this question sparks a fond memory, because we now find ourselves asking that same question, but with more dire consequences than simply falling to the laughter of family and friends.

The most recent new vehicle SAAR (seasonally adjusted annual rate) report was released last week, and it sparked the limbo reference as everyone is wondering, “How low will it go?”
Get insights into the latest trends in new car sales and production.

UPDATED: August 30, 2021

Do you find yourself cringing when you look at the price on the gas pump? You're not alone -- according to Transport Topics, "a gallon of trucking's main fuel now costs 89.8 cents more than it did at this time a year ago."

After dropping in recent weeks, the national average price of diesel has creeped up again. Learn more about recent price trends by region.

The end of the chip shortage may not be as near as we'd hoped. With the delta variant of COVID-19 spreading in manufacturing plants abroad, production is at a stand-still. Now, one of the largest Nissan factories is shutting down for 2 weeks. Learn more about the shutdown and the latest shortage news. 

What do the movies The Terminator and The Matrix have in common with the world of trucking? Well, not a lot, but yet, quite a bit. While no rogue robot truck drivers are combing the planet searching for world dominance, there are some subtle similarities that are revolutionizing the trucking world. The common thread is the increasing usage of artificial intelligence (AI).

Many of the country’s top trucking companies are turning to AI. Find out how AI is being used to gain a competitive advantage.

Gasoline prices in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia rose 3 to 10 cents a gallon on Tuesday. Stay up to date on the fuel shortage in the southeastern United States. LAST UPDATED: 5/12/2021, 9 a.m. ET

Whether a transportation provider serves in the finished vehicle market or some other sector of the industry, the need for fuel is a constant. Second only to driver cost, fuel costs are a cost that impacts all of us. In an effort to control fuel costs, we must maximize the fuel economy of our trucks and be smart about where we fuel to get the best price possible. This week, let’s take a closer look at how you can reduce your fuel costs by buying fuel cheaper than you ever thought possible.
Learn about the best nationwide fuel discount program available.

As a car hauler, you have insurance needs that are unique from those of other types of trucking companies. Learn about the most common gaps in typical truckers' insurance policies and what a car hauler needs, as well as the real-life
consequences of the resultant exposures.

This article provides a break down of financial metrics from last year in transportation.

Learn about what to look forward to in the upcoming year in transportation.