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Expanded food options, remodeled bathrooms and showers, and more truck parking spaces are just a few of the changes Pilot plans to make with its new $1 billion initiative. But, how will the recent fuel shortages and high prices affect their big plans? Here's what to expect.

Some carriers have canceled all loads for next week, many are increasing their rates. See how people in your position are coping with the drastic price increases, and learn proven ways to conserve fuel.

A new study from the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) finds that motor carriers often have to give up coverage levels, raise deductibles, and/or decrease investments in order to pay for rising insurance costs. Small carriers are at even more of a disadvantage, as they pay "more than three times as much as very large fleets on a per-mile basis." Learn about the other findings the study uncovered.

"They exist within virtually any fleet, but finding them is difficult. And few, if any, identify themselves as being one." -James Menzies,, on high-risk drivers.

Learn how to identify, address, and improve the high-risk drivers in your fleet; after all, they are a representation of your business.

Driver burnout: it sounds bleak, and it is. As a small business owner, you should take it seriously if you want to avoid driver turnover and decreased productivity. That being said, it can be difficult to identify, and hard to navigate.

Truckinginfo walks us through what burnout looks like, and how to properly address it.

Car haulers everywhere can sigh a (cautious) breath of relief: the last weeks of 2021 saw the national average price of diesel drop 12.1 cents lower after its high mark in November 2021. (You'll remember the price increased for a solid 11 months in 2021.)

Could it be a promising sign for what's to come in 2022? We hope so.

As a carrier, you've likely seen it firsthand -- it's becoming more and more expensive to fulfill your job: transporting cars.

You may be wondering, why is the cost going up? Auto Rental News takes a look at the three main factors that are playing a role.

The trucking industry isn't exactly known for its diversity and inclusion. However, these two things may make or break your ability to attract new talent and maintain a successful business in the long-run.

Learn how to steer your business in the right direction, to ensure long-term success.

Vehicle haulers, meet stabilized income.

After piloting the benefit earlier this year, United Road will now offer guaranteed pay company-wide, to include first-year, tenured, and rehired drivers.

The guaranteed pay "gives drivers a level of financial assurance and security with the knowledge that they can count on a consistent level of pay," says United Road President and CEO Mark Anderson.

Read more.

This Sunday, October 10, is World Mental Health Day. In honor of it, let's talk about how the pandemic and our line of work in general has impacted the mental health of truck drivers.

Truck drivers have experienced unique struggles during the pandemic. Thankfully, there ARE things managers/business owners can do to help. 

Take a second for yourself, and for your drivers, to learn how you can promote better mental health in your business.