Occupational Accident Insurance – covers an independent contractor when injuries are sustained in the course of a driver’s duties. This is different from Workers’ Compensation in that Workers’ Compensation covers employed drivers, is mandated in most states, and is paid for by the motor carrier employing the drivers (employer). Occupational Accident covers independent contractors, is NOT mandated by the states, and is paid for by the independent contractor. (For example, if the owner/operator resides in a state that allows them to opt out of carrying a Workers’ Compensation policy, they would pay monthly for Occupational Accidents. If a covered driver is under dispatch and in an accident resulting in injuries, this policy would cover expenses for some of these injuries as outlined in the policy, however it does not act as a Workers’ Compensation policy or offer Employer’s Liability coverage, rather offers a limit at a lower cost than would have been paid for under full Workers’ Compensation.)

Non-Trucking Liability Insurance – provides liability coverage for a 3rd Party if you are in an accident while you are NOT under dispatch. (For example, if you are driving to the truck on the weekend and hit someone else, it will pay liability for the other party). Primary Auto Liability while your truck is under dispatch is provided by the motor carrier.

Physical Damage Insurance – provides coverage for YOUR vehicle’s damage if you are involved in an accident at any time (whether under dispatch or not). This coverage is subject to a deductible. (For example, if the owner/operator is driving his truck and is in an accident. This coverage would cover damages to his truck, less any applicable deductible, and would be in effect regardless of if he was, or was not under dispatch at the time of the covered loss).

Deductible Buyback – provides an opportunity to buy your deductible down to a lower amount than the listed deductible on the policy. (For example, if the motor carrier’s cargo deductible is $50,000, and an owner/operator has an accident causing a cargo loss, the motor carrier could potentially pass the $50,000 deductible on to this owner/operator for payment. Payout of this benefit would be the difference between what the owner/operator pays out of pocket, and $50,000 deductible, and would be payable to the motor carrier to cover the rest of the deductible for that loss).

Prepaid Legal – offers legal aid and help with legal fees for a driver when they are enrolled in the program and receive a citation, have an accident or there is a larger charge. This service also helps the driver determine if it is better to pay the citation outright or if they should fight it.