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With shipments and rates, respectively, having contracted 9 percent and 10.9 percent year-over-year, carriers find themselves in a more competitive and more financially pressured environment than they have in years.

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Driver Qualification Files, Equipment Compliance Among Fleet Challenges in Survey

Among fleet managers' biggest challenges are the day-to-day challenges of staying up to date with regulatory changes and improving driver knowledge and skills, according to a recent survey conducted by the research arm of J.J. Keller & Associates — with drivers knowing how to safely operate a specific vehicle making a big jump in priority compared to last year.


As fleet managers continually assess and work to improve the knowledge and skills of their drivers, some areas were identified as more important than others. Read the full article to learn what those are. 

Do Owner-Operators Need to Worry About Credit Scores?

For established trucking owner-operators, and even those eyeing going into business for themselves for the first time, having good credit means a lot more than just a decent FICO score. While digging up old unpaid dentist bills and paying them might help shave interest points off a home loan, companies that finance trucks typically go a little above and beyond the credit bureaus' magic numbers. 

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Economic Trucking Trends: Truck orders fall, signs of a spot market turnaround

Class 8 orders continued to fall in April, with FTR reporting preliminary orders of 12,050 units. That’s down 37% from March and marks the sixth decline in the last seven months.

Orders were down 20% from year-ago levels. Not a big surprise, FTR chairman Eric Starks said in a press release. Demand remains strong but build slots are filled for the year.


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Diesel Sheds Another 8.2¢, Falling to $4.294 a Gallon

Good news for truckers: The price of diesel fuel showed a significant decrease in February, with the nationwide average dropping 8.2 cents a gallon to $4.294.

Carriers have weathered years of insurance premium increases and may see slight relief in 2023, but insurance providers continue to face inflation, economic pressures, and larger verdicts in both average loss and nuclear verdicts.

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