Equipment & Maintenance

Value-priced brakes and related materials can be very attractive. But are they delivering the performance and fuel economy you need? provides fleet owners with helpful considerations on what to look out for during their next brake job.

It's easy to dwell on the negatives this winter, like delays in maintenance/parts sourcing. But, if you're willing to put in a little bit of effort, you'll see that there are steps you can take to maximize productivity and mitigate downtime. Take charge of your valuable time by following these tried-and-true strategies.

Your tractor and trailer are essential to your livelihood. One major equipment failure can cost you thousands in out-of-pocket repairs. Luckily, you can avoid hefty expenses and being put out of work by proactively purchasing a tractor and trailer warranty.

NVTA partnered with National Truck Protection (NTP) to provide our members with an exclusive preferred warranty program.

Learn about the program, and why investing in it is a smart move for your business.

There's no clear explanation as to why diesel shortages are popping up in truck stops across the Midwest.

Is it simply that there isn't enough diesel? Or could it be because of the driver shortage? Or maybe, it's the pandemic?

Overdrive takes a look at the different possible explanations behind the diesel shortage. Which explanation do YOU believe?

JUST IN: Meritor, Inc. just announced that "Hino will be evaluating and testing Meritor's ePowertrain for its development path to zero emissions vehicles (ZEV)."

The ePowertrain offers many key advantages for commercial vehicles. Learn more about this development and its advantages. 

"In an industry first, Goodyear has developed a non-pneumatic (airless) tire (NPT) and wheel assembly to support autonomous vehicle transportation," says aftermarketNews. Learn about how this advancement will affect the future of the transportation industry.

Whether you’re driving a 9 car stinger or a 3 car wedge, breakdowns happen. According to the Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC), tires are the cause of 53.5% of roadside breakdowns. Let’s take a closer look at what causes a tire failure and what we can do to reduce tire failures.

This article talks about the importance and benefits of proper tire maintenance.

This article talks about what Fuel addative to use and when to use them.

This article talks about Cottrell's app. The Cottrell App allows users to access the Owner’s Manual, locate nearby service locations, read the latest Cottrell news, view videos, see FAQ’s, download load diagrams, and much more.