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After holding below $4 a gallon for the last three months, diesel prices spiked with world oil-price increases over recent weeks as a result of production cuts by OPEC, jumping back above the $4/gallon mark for the first time since the week ending May 1.

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How do you gauge the effectiveness of your brake maintenance program? It’s a tricky question because there are so many factors to consider: cost, excessive downtime, and federal CSA safety scores. And is your maintenance program good enough that drivers can absolutely depend on their brakes when some urgent need arises?

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Why do Brake Defects Put so Many Trucks Out of Service?

Brake safety is a big deal and always has been — but it’s probably safe to say we take our brake systems largely for granted these days. And why not? They are robust and reliable, and with automatic brake adjusters and now air disc brakes, we don’t really need to pay a lot of attention to them. ... or do we?

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance conducts two major brake inspection initiatives each year. Year over year, the brake defect out-of-service rate remains about the same. The puzzling question is, why aren’t we making progress in bringing those numbers down?

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What to Know About Today's Mobile Maintenance

Nothing frustrates truck drivers more than discovering the trailer they were supposed to load has lights out or a bad tire. Aside from unhappy drivers, marooned equipment hurts asset utilization and fleet efficiency. 


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Parts Shortages Trigger Spike in Vehicle Downtime

It’s been a perfect storm: pandemic-triggered supply chain issues causing shuttered factories and backed-up ports, plus transportation and staffing issues. This perfect storm’s wreckage: parts shortages are now fueled further by pent-up demand. This ongoing inventory shortage of a wide cross-section of automotive replacement parts is increasing fleet downtime and likewise increasing fleet maintenance expenses. Read this week's article to learn more. 

Costly service interruptions and delays stemming from equipment problems can be reduced with the use of diagnostic repair technology. Learn how plugging a laptop into a port on a truck or accessing an online service to perform diagnostic repair saves time, promotes efficiency and can be used to do still more.

Getting longer brake life is something we all want. The question is, what does and doesn't contribute to increased wear and tear? Check out this week's featured article and make sure you're getting the most longevity on your brake life.

As a follow up to our social media post yesterday, this weeks featured article for our On The Road! Newsletter is: Winter Challenges: Be alert. Be aware. Most of all, be prepared.

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Your tires can be one of your highest line items in terms of cost per mile. For this week's' featured article, we're highlighting how data can help minimize that tire cost per mile. Read the article here and see what you can be doing to save money with your tires.

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