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Insurance companies are not in the business of losing money; however, since 2011 transportation-specific markets have underperformed the overall insurance market in terms of the “Loss Ratio” (losses paid out versus premiums received). In fact, since 2015 the Loss Ratio for the trucking industry has exceeded 100%, meaning the insurance industry has lost money every year. The results have been increasing rates, fewer insurers, and the expectation that carriers will share in the losses by accepting higher deductibles.

Learn why your premiums are higher and your losses are increasing, and how you can best position yourself in today's insurance market.

Where can I find an insurance policy designed for carhaulers? Which fuel providers have the cheapest diesel prices right now? Who do I call when I am broke down on the side of the road? If you have ever asked yourself questions like these then the National Vehicle Transporters Alliance (NVTA) is the answer to your questions!

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