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In honor of Trucker Appreciation Week which took place last week, check out our featured article: Titans of the Road: Reflections Of The Son Of An American Truck Driver, a cool story of a family's generational love for the trucking industry.

Car travel remains the most popular form of transportation despite the historically high gas prices, so with the increased traffic, it is more important than ever to travel with care and caution this July 4 weekend. Read more about how you can keep safe while celebrating, wherever you may be traveling this Independence Day weekend!

Did you know engine efficiency is directly tied to fuel economy? Or that engine efficiency is affected by your choice of geartrain and highway cruising speed? Learn more about the intricacies of your engine and how to make it more efficient, to help save you money on fuel.

To truly understand and excel in the transportation industry, you need to grasp its history and the influence black individuals had on it. This Black History Month, we're thinking about the black Americans who made the transportation industry what it is today. Learn about a few of the most notable African American men and women in the history of the transportation industry.

The widespread production shutdowns due to the global chip shortage, amongst other things, seem to be slowly turning around for the better. GM plans to reopen their Missouri plant, which has been shut down since September 6. Get the latest insights into the automaker's plans to reopen, and the status of the chip shortage in general.

We've all been new to the industry at one point. Maybe you just found your passion for car hauling last year, maybe you've been hauling for 10+ years, or maybe you're somewhere in between. Wherever you are in your journey, it's important to recognize the challenges car hauling business owners face, so that you can ultimately grow.

Learn about how well-established car haulers got to where they are, and the challenges they had to overcome to get there.

Heavy-duty trucking, meet carbon neutrality. On Wednesday, August 25, Toyota announced it will "begin assembling integrated dual fuel cell (FC) modules destined for use in hydrogen-powered, heavy-duty commercial trucks." Learn more about this module, its production start date, and its impact on the future of trucking.

TrueCar provides an update on vehicle sales statistics along with helpful insights. Learn about why they predicted vehicle sales to rise 16% in June, and other useful data. 

NVTA has aligned an offer with EFS LLC to bring you a comprehensive fleet fuel card offering. The NVTA fleet card is not a credit or debit card but a robust fuel and products purchase instrument allowing you more

The automotive world is buzzing with the impact of the semiconductor chip shortage, and for good reason, but no one is talking about the real problem. There is an impending shortage of ... bacon! Apparently, while we were all were restricted to our homes there was a pig shortage that will now be exacerbated with the end of COVID related restrictions and the growing demand for hot dogs and other items.

Bacon shortages aside, the real question facing the finished vehicle logistics world is just what impact is this current chip shortage having on the number of vehicles to be hauled? After all, each vehicle hauled represents the much-needed revenue that keeps our industry moving forward. Get insights into the latest trends in new car sales and production.