Fuel Program

You can expect to save up to 32%, or up to 50-55 cents per gallon, on retail fuel prices.

You can receive discounts on fuel at Pilot/Flying J, Love’s, and TA/Petro locations. We also offer discounts at over 800 small chain and independent locations.

Once you enroll as a Plus member and receive your fuel card, you are able to use the EFS E-Manager app/website to see all of the available discounts near you, given you enable location services.

Yes. Using the EFS E-Manager program, which is available either via mobile app or website, you have complete control over your cards. You can order more cards, name your current cards, view the spending history of each card, set spending limits, and distribute funds to your cards.

You must first upgrade your membership to Plus or Premium level. Once you do, you can complete the online portal form through WEX. More information and link to the form can be found here: https://gonvta.org/fuel-discount-program

When you insert your On the Road fuel card at the pump, any available discounts will be applied automatically. You will see your discounted price on the screen.

From Jason Walker, COO, United Road Services:

When United Road first began going down the road with NVTA, we knew we wanted to give as much of a discount on fuel to our small and mid-sized carriers as United Road itself gets. So, we reached out to our vendors to see what they could offer.

Our fuel vendors were only willing to allow us to pass down our full discount if the carriers were directly related to United Road. So we needed to find a way to align the NVTA carriers with United Road. The solution was to have the funds on the fuel card come directly from United Road. In other words, whenever a carrier hauls for us, their payment goes directly onto that card. 

However, the card can be used for any purpose whatsoever once it's loaded, or you can transfer money off into your personal account for a small administrative fee (which goes to the card vendor, not to United Road).

No. The United Road system can only register one payment method at a time.

You will receive payment onto the card according to the payment terms you agreed to with United Road Services. The standard wait time is 30 days, unless you upgrade to 14-day or 2-day pay. If you have any questions about your payment plan, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 518-694-4589.

It typically takes one day to transfer funds from the On the Road fuel card to your banking account. This is something you can control in the EFS E-Manager.

No. Your On the Road fuel card functions as a debit card, and can be used to make purchases wherever, whenever, just like a regular debit card! When used at the gas pump at a qualifying station, our available discounts will be applied.

You can also transfer money off of the card onto personal cards, or to wherever you wish, for a small administrative fee (which goes to the card vendor, not NVTA). How you distribute your payment is completely up to you.